Economics of ASEAN Economy Community

Thailand will join the ASEAN Economy Community (AEC) in 2015. Consequently, we all should learn more about AEC to cope with the inevitable changes. In response to the need, the School of Economics, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce designed a new curriculum on “Economics of ASEAN Economy Community” and the program is about to launch in 2012.

            Becoming part of the ASEAN Economy Community means that economists with a firm background on the AEC will certainly be in demand by many government agencies. The private sector will also recruit more economists with AEC background to help with their business expansion in the region. This new curriculum will definitely respond to these needs.


  • The program is considered the first and only program of its kind offered in Thailand. Students will be well equipped with knowledge and skills gained from AEC economics courses taught by the School’s academic staff with hands-on experience relating to AEC.
  • The program has its focus on producing new graduates in high demand by the job market.
  • The program also focuses on practicality, which means students can apply practically whatever they have learned, including AEC economics analysis, business operation, and communicative ASEAN languages.
  • Graduates in Economics of ASEAN Economy Community can follow career paths in either government or private sectors. Besides, with the knowledge and skills learned, they can start their own businesses. More courses relating to entrepreneurship are also available.

Curriculum Structure:

  • Students can choose their minor courses relating to foreign languages including English and other ASEAN languages (Mandarin, Bahasa, or Vietnamese). These language courses aim to develop the students’ communicative skills.
  • Some interesting courses relating to AEC are AEC Agreements and Economic Alliances, Economics of the AEC Member Nations, AEC Financial Systems, AEC Marketing, and AEC Business Management.
  • Students can choose either a regular program or a program with cooperative education. If they choose to take a program with cooperative education, they will have to take their 4-month internship in government or business agencies instead of taking 6-credit free elective courses.
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