Bachelor of Economics Program

          To be a successful executive or entrepreneur in the world of modern business, students are not only trained to be specialists in economics but also required to know about the various dimensions and relationships between business and society. Studying economics will enhance the students' knowledge and understanding of these relationships as well as the ability to analyze and forecast their impact on various domains. Consequently, they can effectively apply what they have learned to their real work. It can be said that an economist is like a business, economic, or social strategist. Thus, the School of Economics aims to shape its students to be economic strategists as well as executives with deeper foresight in the world of modern business.


The program offers five groups of major courses as follows:

  1. Financial Economics: Study of Financial and Banking Strategy focusing on financial and investment structures in various dimensions relating to both national and global economic systems for effective planning and forecasting of complicated financial impacts.
  2. Business Economics: Producing potential business strategists with a thorough understanding of business positioning and leads to business vision.
  3. Economics Theories and Research: To acquire new knowledge, students enrolled in this program are required to have a thorough understanding of theoretical concepts. Only cream of the crop strategists will be accepted into the program which aims to investigate an innovative way to understand economic, business and social structures and their relationships, which can be applied to effective planning for future change.
  4. International Economics: Producing international trade strategists who are capable of not only administering export and overseas clients but also have a thorough understanding of the comparative economics system and environment as well as the ability to forecast the future of global markets affected by the dynamics of globalization.
  5. Economics of ASEAN Economic Community: To prepare students for ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. They actually need the new knowledge which can facilitate their success in modern business. This program is the key to their success.


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